Chartmetric Feature Enhancement: Milestones for Targeted Achievement Tracking and Sharing

Introducing our revamped Artist Milestones!

Chartmetric Feature Enhancement: Milestones for Targeted Achievement Tracking and Sharing
Akash Mukherjee
February 5, 20243 min read
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We have been enhancing a feature that’s loved by many of our users: "Artist Milestones." Chartmetric users often use the Milestones feature to track and celebrate the achievements of their artists on social media. Taking this feature to the next level, we are making milestones less noisy, more meaningful, more targeted, and easier to share.

This update introduces three key features: Career-adjusted Milestone Scoring, Milestone Sharing, and Milestone Grouping and Usability.


1) Career-adjusted Milestone Scoring

This feature is a game-changer in how milestones are assessed and valued. Traditional milestones didn’t fully account for the varying stages of an artist's career, leading to an approach that can overlook significant achievements for emerging artists or overemphasize routine events for established ones. This gap was particularly evident in the Playlist Add and Charting milestones.

Career-adjusted Milestone Scoring addresses this by dynamically adjusting the significance of the Playlist and Charting Milestones based on the artist's career stage and size. This ensures that emerging artists can celebrate meaningful growth steps, while established artists are recognized for genuinely significant achievements. It reduces noise in milestone reporting while ensuring that no crucial insight is missed.

2) Milestone Sharing on Socials

With social media's pivotal role in artist promotion, Chartmetric is excited to introduce an effortless way for artists and their teams to share milestones. We have improved the workflow to generate compelling visuals for you to share on social media, including a direct share button for X (previously known as, Twitter).

This allows users to easily broadcast their successes. Sharable Milestones are designed for "bragging rights" but also serve a strategic purpose: keeping fans engaged and attracting potential new listeners and/or industry attention.

3) Overall Usability

We have improved the usability of the Artist Milestones tab in 3 ways:

  • Performance: Much faster page loading speeds
  • Filtering: Auto-filtered to 3+ star milestones and sorted by most recent
  • Grouping: Collapsing milestones of the same kind and allowing a drilled-down view

Organizing milestones into meaningful categories, such as the number of streams on Pandora or placement on an Apple Country Chart, makes navigating the insights more intuitive while also prioritizing recent accomplishments. Also available are detailed breakdowns of each milestone and historical comparisons to provide context to the artist’s career journey.

What's Next

Overall, we want to empower artists and their teams with smarter, more personalized, and socially engaging tools to track and celebrate their career achievements.

The next steps for Chartmetric's Artist Milestones include:

  1. Continuous Refinement of Scoring Algorithms: We plan to further refine the career-adjusted scoring to incorporate feedback from users and make them more targeted.
  2. Rich Multimedia Graphics Generation: We started with shiny Milestone images. The next natural step for us is to generate richer multimedia graphics to help artists look even cooler!
  3. More Sharing Capabilities: We will expand integrations with more social platforms and possibly introduce automation tools to reduce the effort needed to share bragworthy milestones.

Have any ideas or feedback? Reach out to our product management team at [email protected], we would love to hear any thoughts you have about this feature or what you think could make it even better. Let's continue to shape the future of music analytics together!

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