How Artist LA COYA is Telling Her Story with Onesheet

Musicians and their teams, like La Coya and her manager Antoine Rousseau, are using Chartmetric's newest offering Onesheet to create dynamic and stunning onesheets!

How Artist LA COYA is Telling Her Story with Onesheet
May 8, 20244 min read
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Last month, our team at Chartmetric proudly launched our tool Onesheet out of beta. This site revolutionizes one of the most essential tasks of anyone working in music, enabling users to create beautiful onesheets in just one click. To celebrate, we caught up with an Onesheet user to learn how they are wielding the platform!

In 2023, Antoine Rousseau founded Memento, an agency focused on supporting creatives by providing them with tools, spaces, and opportunities. He’s no stranger to Chartmetric: he was introduced to the platform while getting his master’s degree in music business at Berklee College of Music. Antoine immediately understood the site’s potential, saying that having “data and metrics allows you to understand the reality behind your artist’s audience and articulate your artist’s vision to people working in different industries.”

In October, he met and quickly signed LA COYA, an up-and-coming artist creating what she describes as an eclectic cultural and musical cocktail that seeks to break boundaries, with lyrics in French, Spanish, and English. This story is a true representation of the increasingly global nature of music: LA COYA is an Ecuadorian singer based in Paris while her co-managers, Antoine Rousseau and Luis Fernando Pérez Ruiz are from France and Mexico respectively, both currently living in Spain. Together, the duo are working on spreading her to both Latin and European audiences. To do so, Antoine describes how “it’s really important to tell her story and the project’s story, but sometimes words have their limits,” and this is where Onesheet came in. 

The top of LA COYA's onesheet with her picture, bio, and stats

He found that other tools designed to create one sheets were limiting, only allowing him to include text and media. The ability to include data points straight from Chartmetric was game-changing, since “data is extremely valuable to send to distributors and labels.” For example, LA COYA has a large TikTok following, and he “wanted that to appear on the onesheet because her social reach is more than 70,000 people, and that’s significant for an up-and-coming project. Being able to show that so fast in the layout on Onesheet is just amazing.” As the music industry becomes increasingly numbers-driven, being able to show your artist’s performance stats right alongside their work is crucial to getting the attention of future collaborators and labels.

LA COYA's audience demographics as displayed on her onesheet

Though Antoine has used other similar tools before, he’s found that Onesheet is by far the best and specifically points to the customization and reactivity. Whereas other sites limited him to a basic landing page with a playlist, the onesheets on Onesheet are dynamic, highly adaptable, and allow him to include a higher volume of media. He’s able to upload as many songs, social media posts, and images as he needs to tell LA COYA’s story, and create a visually eye-catching summary of her career.

YouTube videos embedded on LA COYA's onesheet
Instagram posts embedded on LA COYA's onesheet

One of his favorite features is that Onesheet is a live site that is constantly updated. Before he would send distributors static PDFs, becoming one of countless PDFs clogging up their inboxes that would become outdated as soon as LA COYA released a new song (like her new track “DIAMANTES”). As such, he found that “labels and distributors were looking at document items from two months ago, while we're already onto something else.” However, by using Onesheet, as LA COYA’s career grows and her visuals change, it’s as easy as clicking a button to make her online onesheet up-to-date. Since the link always stays the same, there’s also no need to constantly send people emails as you make updates, as they’ll always see the newest version. Furthermore, data points will never be stale, as they are synced directly to the Chartmetric platform.

The gallery section of LA COYA's onesheet, where her management can upload any media they'd like

In the short period of time Antoine has been using Onesheet, he’s only had positive feedback. In his own words, “the fact that the tool is so well-thought out makes [him] feel very confident about the next steps” and being able to get his artist recognized. 

We’re excited to see what happens next for Antoine and LA COYA, and are honored to be part of their journey! If you’re interested in using Onesheet yourself, go to for more information or email us at [email protected].

Quotes are slightly edited for clarity. Data as of May 8, 2024.