Chartmetric Feature Enhancement: Revamped Artist Overview Page

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Chartmetric Feature Enhancement: Revamped Artist Overview Page
Nate Hutchison
Nate Hutchison
June 4, 20244 min read
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At Chartmetric, we are continually striving to provide music industry professionals with the most powerful tools to track and understand artist performance. Our latest enhancement is a comprehensive overhaul of the Artist Overview page, designed to offer a streamlined, high-level snapshot of an artist for easy identification of important attributes, as well as a refined look into the main things that need attention for those who look at the artist page every day.

These features aim to make the page more dynamic with current information, give our users more control to prioritize what matters to them most, and democratize link submission for more data ingestion.

Making the Page More Dynamic with Current Information

Noteworthy Insights:
The noteworthy insights component calls attention to stats with higher-than-usual growth, either week-over-week or daily growth. This feature filters the noise, ensuring you focus on the trends, spikes, and events crucial to your artists' trajectory. It’s designed to help you stay updated with significant changes, such as a substantial increase in Spotify monthly listeners. By highlighting these dynamic changes, users can quickly react to important shifts in an artist’s performance.

The Milestones section captures key events and moments in an artist’s career. These include major playlist additions, follower milestones, and significant streaming achievements. Each milestone is scaled to the size of the artist, ensuring that both emerging and established artists receive appropriate recognition for their achievements. This focus on real-time events makes the page a living document of an artist’s journey.

Metric Movements:
A new component for Metric Movements highlights the stats that have moved the most over the past week, month, or two months. This feature shows both positive and negative movement, providing a full awareness of your artist's performance. Users can view these changes by total change or percentage change, offering flexibility to meet various analytical needs. This allows for a balanced view, recognizing areas of strength and those needing attention, and keeps users informed about the latest developments.

Giving Users Control and Customization

Customizable Layout:
We’ve added the ability to customize the layout of the Artist Overview page, allowing users to move sections that matter to them higher up. This flexibility extends to dragging and dropping tabs on the artist page, ensuring that you can prioritize the metrics most relevant to your needs. This customization means you can tailor your experience to focus on the data points that are most critical for your analysis.

Downloadable Data:
Additionally, all displayed data can be downloaded as CSV files for further analysis. This ensures that you have the tools necessary for comprehensive reporting and deeper insights. Furthermore, we offer the entire page to be downloaded as a clean, exportable artist report for when you need to download and share this data elsewhere. By offering customizable and downloadable data, we provide users with the flexibility to analyze and report on artist performance in all the ways that best suit your needs.

Enhanced Link Management:
We have organized the links section to provide quick access and improved editability. Users can easily see which links are verified and make edits or add new links as needed. When a new link is first submitted, we begin collecting data for the link within 24 hours. Within a few days, our team manually reviews and marks it as verified. Even with unverified links, the data is still available, so you don’t need to worry about the verification process delaying your insights.

Streamlined Submission Process:
The simplified process for submitting links ensures that users can quickly and easily add new data points to their artist profiles. This democratization of link submission means more comprehensive data ingestion, leading to richer and more detailed artist profiles. By reducing the barriers to data submission, we empower users to contribute to a more robust and accurate data ecosystem.

What's Next?

We believe this overhaul is a significant step towards making artist data more accessible and actionable for our users. However, we’re not stopping here. Upcoming enhancements include:

  • Improved Link Edit and Claim Process: Streamlining the process of editing and claiming artist links to ensure accuracy and ease of use for all users.
  • Expanded Sharing Capabilities: Introducing new ways to share insights directly from the platform to social media, enhancing collaboration and engagement.

The revamped Artist Overview Page is designed to empower music industry professionals with the insights they need, precisely when they need them. Explore the new features today and experience a more efficient and insightful way to track and understand artist performance.

Have any ideas or feedback? Reach out to our product management team at [email protected], we would love to hear any thoughts you have about this feature or what you think could make it even better. Let's continue to shape the future of music analytics together!

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