Chartmetric Feature Launch: Artist Similarity

Say hello to our newest Artist Similarity feature!

Chartmetric Feature Launch: Artist Similarity
Morgan Burrell
March 4, 20243 min read
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We are thrilled to introduce our new "Artist Similarity" feature, powered by our proprietary Chartmetric similarity algorithm. The intention behind these similarity scores is to find upcoming talent similar to well-known artists. Alternatively, some clients have expressed that finding bigger artist equivalents for smaller artists can also help gauge potential. In practice, this means that “similar” artists are defined qualitatively, while users have the freedom to select quantitative attributes to find exactly the kinds of artists they seek.

While this is an initial version of our algorithm, we look forward to enhancing its capabilities and expanding its reach in the coming year.

Feature Overview

Comparables tab
The all-new Comparables tab hosts this tool and can be found within many Artist profiles along their left-hand table of contents.

Similar Artist clusters
The first feature in the Comparables tab showcases the artists most similar to a selected artist. Additionally, by clicking the “Overall” dropdown along the feature’s header, users can narrow the similarity measurement to only cover specific platforms or the artist’s genre(s).

Similar Artists segmented by…
The next tool offers users the ability to filter similar artists based on more detailed criteria. Whether you’re looking to view artists based on their Recent Momentum or you want to organize the artists by their home continent, this feature puts the power in your hands to see only the similar artists relevant to your analyses.

This data can also be viewed as a table, with the ability to filter and export.

Neighboring artists
While not a new feature, we've included our Neighboring Artists data within the Comparables tab to give insight into who our rankings define is an artist's neighbor.

Filter by Similar Artists

We’ve also brought our similarity data to the Artist List. Select an artist within this filter (and the degree of similarity to filter on), and then add other Artist List filters to find exactly the kind of artist you’re looking for.

All in all, our similarity data can serve a variety of purposes; from finding similar, more established artists and dissecting their success, to searching for undiscovered talent that has that “certain something,” similarity data is flexible and presents plenty of opportunities.

What's next?

We aim to continue bringing similarity data throughout the app, and to further enrich our algorithm. To that end, we’re looking into the following:

  1. Musical similarity as a third facet of our similarity calculations (in addition to genres and audience).
  2. Bringing similarity beyond artists to tracks, playlists, and more!
  3. Giving users the ability to concoct their own weighting of “similarity” in order to define for themselves what makes two artists “alike.”

We look forward to seeing how you use these new Similarity features, and wish you the best in finding the artists you seek!

Have any ideas or feedback? Reach out to our product management team at [email protected], we would love to hear any thoughts you have about this feature or what you think could make it even better. Let's continue to shape the future of music analytics together!

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