Chartmetric Feature Enhancement: Social & Streaming Stats

Introducing our revamped Social & Streaming Stats!

Chartmetric Feature Enhancement: Social & Streaming Stats
Nate Hutchison
Nate Hutchison
January 3, 20244 min read
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We are excited to present the latest enhancements to our Social & Streaming Stats, accessible on every Artist Page. In the last few months, we have worked to tailor the platform further for music industry professionals and have updated our interface to deliver a sharper, more discerning look at an artist’s data. Our new powerful and customizable tool makes it easier to view top level stats for your artist at a glance, while also giving you the ability to drill down and learn exactly why and when your artist is seeing movement in their stats!

Streamlined & Focused Insights

We have redesigned the view to provide you with all of the metrics you care about at a glance. Our refined approach grants you a clear, immediate understanding of your artist's performance and influence. However, at any point you are a few clicks away from unparalleled accuracy and depth, where we have made it effortless to navigate through various time frames and stats to help you analyze both macro and micro trends. More importantly, it is now easier than ever to identify the impact of individual campaigns and events on your artist’s career.

Feature Overview

From the way we display daily changes with our new bar chart feature to the refined full-screen options for in-depth analysis, we have redesigned these charts to make them as practical as possible.

Granularity Control
Depending on the length of time frame you're examining, our charts will automatically adjust the granularity or you can manually select your desired level of detail.

Use the granularity drop down to chose the frequency of the data shown

Line and Bar Chart Clarity
We’re now displaying cumulative data via line charts and period-specific data such as daily/weekly/monthly changes via bar charts! This differentiation will allow for instant clarity and easier visual trend recognition.

Line charts are used for cumulative values, like Spotify streams over time
Bar charts are used for non-cumulative measures, like daily YouTube video views

Consolidated Table View and Export to CSV
A new table format offers a comprehensive snapshot of all metrics over time in one convenient location. Better yet, you can now hit “Download as CSV” to quickly download all of the data at once!

A table view of multiple metrics for an artist, measured each day and downloadable as a CSV

Full-Screen Deep Dives
Enhanced full-screen options allow for a focused analysis of metrics without distractions. This view allows you to view incredible detail over extended time ranges for any stat.

A full screen view of an artist's Spotify monthly listeners

Average Value Indicators
With averages for metrics clearly displayed for both cumulative and daily measures, you can quickly gauge performance against norms.

A bar chart for daily Wikipedia views with a dashed line showing the average value is 6.39k

Reorganized Metrics
We have reorganized the section to put the most relevant stats for you and your artist at the top of the pages. You can also customize and re-order these to whatever suits your needs best!

Customizable options for which metrics are shows on the Social & Streaming Stats tab

Main Benefits

Switching Between Big Picture Views and Deeper Dives
The platform's automatic adjustment of data granularity ensures that you're always viewing the most relevant information for any given time frame without the need for manual data sifting. This smart feature streamlines your workflow, allowing for quick insights at daily, weekly, and monthly levels.

All of the above features give you the ability to delve into the precise level of detail you require, enabling customization from your end. We provide a starting point but allow you to control all of the elements of your analysis, ensuring that the data you see is exactly what you need for informed decision-making.

These enhancements to Chartmetric's Social & Streaming Stats are more than just aesthetic improvements: they represent our commitment to providing industry professionals with the most efficient and accurate tools for music data analysis. By fine-tuning the functionality to match the pace of the music industry, we empower you to quickly harness the insights you need to make strategic decisions. We invite you to explore these updates and see for yourself how they can streamline your work!

Have any ideas or feedback? Reach out to our product management team at [email protected], we would love to hear any thoughts you have about this feature or what you think could make it even better. Let's continue to shape the future of music analytics together!

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