Chartmetric Feature Launch: Shortlists

Introducing Shortlists: Your personalized and dynamic music tracking tool!

Chartmetric Feature Launch: Shortlists
Morgan Burrell
December 4, 20233 min read
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Our users have been busy! They’ve been doing everything from scouting out new artists to keeping tabs on recent releases to gathering playlists for pitching. It’s so gratifying to see how much our users engage with and rely on our platform, but we’ve quickly realized that the needs of these power users must be more closely addressed with targeted features. For many, their frustration is no longer trying to find interesting entities, but keeping track of all they’ve discovered. We would repeatedly hear that users were maintaining cumbersome spreadsheets full of playlist IDs, keeping lists of song links in their Notes app, and bookmarking their most frequently visited artists. This method was error-prone, difficult to manage, and inefficient to share, and we knew there had to be a better way!

Shortlists aim to be the answer to these problems. Whether it’s artists, songs, playlists, curators, or albums, Shortlists empower you to group similar entities together and bring those groupings with you throughout the app. You can name a shortlist according to its purpose (i.e. “Signed Artists” or “Lofi Releases”), select what you’d like to add to that Shortlist, and then filter any list view on the platform to quickly display only the entities in the selected Shortlist. Gone are the days of clicking from page to page to track artist metrics. This is more than a data aggregation tool; it’s a bespoke solution that will continue to evolve and further streamline both the discovery and tracking workflows of the Chartmetric platform.

Looking at songs from a Shortlist via the dashboard

Key Features

Streamlined Monitoring and Enhanced Analysis:

Users now have access to massive, custom-made lists of artists they can keep close at hand — a single click away, to be precise. Shortlists travel with you throughout the platform and can be accessed in list views, the dashboard, and even on the Comparison Pro tool. This feature turns clutter into clarity, saving you time and ensuring your focus is exactly where it needs to be when using Chartmetric.

Dynamic and Customizable:

Given the feature’s underlying themes of self-service analytics and user definitions, we wanted Shortlists to be definable up to the top level. This means customizable shortlist names, icons, and ordering. In this way, you can easily organize and leverage your shortlists to achieve your desired analyses, or to materialize the narrative you are attempting to craft.

Exclusion for Precision:

In the nuanced art of data analysis, the power of exclusion is as critical as that of inclusion. In just a few weeks, Shortlists will empower you to omit specific entities, refining your analysis and ensuring you don’t view or revisit artists that you have already addressed.

How to Start

Creating a Shortlist: Embark on a journey of discovery within Chartmetric. Simply click on the “Add a Shortlist” button in any list view to create a new Shortlist you can populate with entities of that page’s type.

Adding a new Shortlist from the Artists page

Adding Entities: As you navigate through profiles and lists on Chartmetric, the “+” button facilitates the seamless addition of new entities to your Shortlists.

Adding an artist to a Shortlist from their page

Access and Analysis: Shortlists are not just for viewing; they are a conduit to deeper insights. Access them from your dashboard or list views, download them as CSVs, or use them within Comparison Pro for a detailed comparative analysis.

Looking at artists from a Shortlist via list view

What’s Next?

As we continue to innovate, we envision integrating advanced features into Shortlists, like integrating Shortlists with other lists outside of the Chartmetric app, enabling list sharing between team members and broader audiences, and potentially generating suggestions for artists similar to those already in a Shortlist. Time will tell what other new and exciting features will be borne out of our new Shortlists feature, some of which will come from your feedback, so as always, please reach out to our team at [email protected] with questions, feedback, and suggestions.

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