Chartmetric Feature Launch: Noteworthy Insights

Introducing "Noteworthy Insights": No more drowning in stats, only the info you need!

Chartmetric Feature Launch: Noteworthy Insights
Nate Hutchison
Nate Hutchison
November 2, 20234 min read
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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, Noteworthy Insights. As the digital footprints of artists continue to evolve and expand, it becomes increasingly overwhelming to understand what to pay attention to and what not to.

Do you ever wonder which of your artists' stats changed in a meaningful way? That's where our new feature steps in. Our platform now offers focused insights, directly to your inbox, pinpointing what needs your attention for the artists you follow.

With the Noteworthy Insights feature, we're bridging the gap between raw numbers and meaningful information. It's more than just data; it's an artist’s story — a story of their music, their fans, and their growth.

Why Noteworthy Insights?

Chartmetric has been your guiding star, aggregating an immense reservoir of data across social and streaming platforms for over 10 million artists spanning the past seven years. Yet, such extensive data, while invaluable, can sometimes be overwhelming.

Streamlined Attention & Enhancing Decision-Making: Every Monday morning, instead of sifting through this expansive data universe, Noteworthy Insights flags the constellations that matter to you. We filter the noise, ensuring you focus on the trends, spikes, and events crucial to your artists' trajectory. It's no longer about finding a needle in a haystack, it's about being handed the needle.

Embracing Dynamism: The music landscape is ever-evolving, and so is our approach. Noteworthy Insights is not static, rather, it's as dynamic as the artists you manage and the fans who follow them. Our tools adjust and adapt to offer insights that are relevant to you today, not last month. Insights adapt to the size and trends of your artist, making sure to bring your attention to the major changes, no matter where your artist is in their career.

Meeting You Where You Are: In this digital age, why should you adjust to a tool? The tool should adjust to you. Whether it's an email alert or an intuitive dashboard, we provide easy access to Noteworthy Insights to ensure that you receive insights in a manner and format that suits your workflow, not the other way around.

How it Works

Stay updated with Noteworthy Insights to get essential data delivered directly to your email and have key metrics integrated into your Chartmetric dashboard.

1. Find the hidden insight
Receive real-time email alerts for significant events. For instance, when your artist’s TikTok likes spike after they post a new TikTok video, you'll be informed about its digital impact.

2. Visualize the magnitude
Your Chartmetric dashboard now offers a clearer view of essential metrics. Numbers can be difficult to interpret on their own, so we plot these notable growths compared to their usual growth so you can quickly see when, where, and how they are performing. We help you visualize the daily change across all the major platform metrics you care about, such as Instagram followers, Spotify monthly listeners, YouTube views, and many more.

3. Dig deeper on Chartmetric
For a more comprehensive analysis, dive deeper into Chartmetric to get the whole picture! We make it easy to jump from the single insights into the full artist breakdown so you can delve into specifics and related metrics, like finding the trailing metrics that see a boost as a result of great performances from your artists elsewhere.

What’s Next?

Now, you have access to insights on a daily level to be able to catch crucial time-sensitive trends. But, how can you keep up with the larger, more macro trends, especially across ALL of the platforms for ALL of the artists you care about?

We will be introducing new week-over-week and month-over-month insights to indicate noteworthy growth or decline for an artist over a longer span. This vastly improves your ability to catch macro trends across the wide range of platforms that your artist is on to help you understand where they may be over or under performing.

Really love the Notable Insights report – this was my first time receiving it and its such a great little snapshot to share with the label! Would love to continue receiving report like that in a handy shareable round up” 5/5 ⭐ - Gloria, Australia

In the long term, we are also planning to bring insights to more places, directly integrated into the tool itself. Looking at audience location maps and want to see if your artist has surged in any region or checking if your artist has been added to a lot of editorial playlists on their platforms? We can utilize Noteworthy Insights to pinpoint the important changes that you need to focus on to save you time.

Have any ideas for what would make this more helpful? Reach out to our product management team at [email protected], we would love to hear any thoughts you have about this feature or what you think could make it even better.