Trending Tracks Report: YOASOBI, Brenn!, CHINCHILLA, Chenayder, and Ciara

A regular column highlighting trending tracks that you need to know about.

Trending Tracks Report: YOASOBI, Brenn!, CHINCHILLA, Chenayder, and Ciara
Third Bridge Creative
Third Bridge Creative
May 22, 20234 min read
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by Hannah Elliott, Colin Joyce, and Kemet High of Third Bridge Creative

The Trending Tracks Report is a regular column that highlights tracks trending across various platforms, using a combination of Chartmetric data and the subject expertise of our contributing writers and curators. This week, we examine a new track from budding J-pop superstars, a viral folk-pop hit, a rage-pop anthem, a new indie pop talent, and an empowering anthem from an R&B legend.


Chartmetric Score: 1,095

Genre: J-Pop

Country: Japan

YOASOBI have mastered the art of being J-Pop crossover superstars. In 2021, the duo, composed of Vocaloid producer Ayase and singer-songwriter Rira Ikuta, ranked No. 1 on Spotify’s “most streamed Japanese artist in the overseas market,” and their recent single “Idol” is only strengthening their reign. Set as the theme song to the supernatural crime-solving anime series "Oshi no Ko," “Idol” appeals to both anime fans and idol followers alike. Creators on TikTok and YouTube Shorts are taking up the dance challenge, with over 180K and over 69K creations on the platforms, respectively. Still, YOASOBI isn’t simply a short-form go-to: their YouTube channel has racked up over 215M views since the release of “Idol” in mid-April. What started as a side gig is quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Brenn!: “4Runner”

Chartmetric Score: 253

Genre: Alternative

Country: U.S.

Alabama songwriter and self-styled “king of the South,” Brenn! understands the importance of writing songs with universal appeal: “4Runner,” his viral folk-pop hit, tells an emotional story about the growing pains of the towns and people we leave behind. In the nearly three weeks since its release, “4Runner” has earned over 7M streams on Spotify, catapulting Brenn!'s reach on the platform to over 2.3M monthly listeners. He’s built a following on TikTok, garnering over 230K followers with intimate content that shows his progress on new songs as well as the strange journey “4Runner” has taken from viral success to the radio and beyond.

CHINCHILLA: “Little Girl Gone”

Chartmetric Score: 509

Genre: Pop

Country: U.K.

After recently severing ties with Sony, UK-based singer CHINCHILLA has redefined success with "Little Girl Gone," a rambunctious trap and R&B-influenced rage-pop anthem. The newly indie artist shared a sentimental note with her fans: “I don’t have a huge budget or label behind me and really rely on word of mouth to get this song out there,” she wrote. The song traveled. Gaining 6.8M views on the first TikTok teaser, the track has generated over 100K TikTok videos and, as of May 16, is sitting at No. 3 and No. 1 on the Spotify Viral 50 Global and Viral 50 US chart, respectively. Its virality has led to placements on playlists like big on the internet and Hot Hits UK and has established “Little Girl Gone” as 2023’s theme song for feminine rage.

Chenayder: “Off the Wall”

Chartmetric Score: 6

Genre: Indie Pop

Country: U.S.

Sixteen-year-old R&B artist Chenayder’s newest single “Off the Wall'' is a carefully crafted view into her melancholic universe. The Orlando artist first gained viral fame in 2022 with her moody, mid-century jazz-inspired “Fall.” Making TikToks to promote the song from her high school’s bathroom, fans latched onto the promising young talent and after a few quiet months, she’s delivering. Since “Off the Wall”’s release on April 26th, her Spotify monthly listeners jumped by 42%, and gained her top placements in Vanguard, Lorem, and Pollen. She sings “The audience watches you fall / They love to see you fall,” but the reality is the opposite–listeners (and celebs like Ty Dolla $ign) are definitely cheering her on.

Ciara: "Da Girls (Girls Mix)"

Chartmetric Score: 18

Genre: R&B

Country: U.S.

Ciara couldn’t end Women’s History Month without releasing, “Da Girls,” an uplifting anthemic filled with lyrics that read like positive affirmations. “Da Girls” is the type of song that translates well on TikTok—the audio has seen a 141 percent increase in creations since its release. Even its official video operates like one long, celebratory post. Weeks later, Ciara released the “Girls Mix,” paying it forward to the next generation by recruiting rising rappers Lola Brooke and Lady London to appear on the official remix. The additional firepower of Brooke and London (who are no strangers to viral moments on the app) has only brought more attention to the original record. Nearly 20 years since her debut, Ciara is gracefully entering another era of her career.