Introducing Chartmetric's 2023 Year in Music Report

Here are some of the main takeaways from our 2023 Year in Music Report, available in full at!

Introducing Chartmetric's 2023 Year in Music Report
February 8, 20242 min read
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We’re very excited to share our inaugural Year in Music report with the stats and sounds of music in 2023, available in seven languages. In this report, we tackle key areas within the music industry — with a focus on artist development — and provide an overview of the social and streaming ecosystem. Chartmetric has been collecting data on global music since 2016 for our platform, which we use here to power these findings! For the best viewing experience, read the report on your computer.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the main takeaways:

There’s just so much music. Like, so much.

In the past year alone, a staggering 17,187,199 tracks have been ingested into the Chartmetric system, with 7,688,384 released in 2023. To put this into perspective, It would take you 117 years to listen to all that ingested music, and 42 of those years would be spent on music released in 2023 alone!

Artists can’t break from “undiscovered” to “superstar”

Of the artists added to Chartmetric in 2023, 99.9% of them ended the year in the Undiscovered and Developing categories. Only 0.05% of all Undiscovered artists broke into the Mid-Level, Mainstream, and Superstar Career Stages.

Less than 20% of artists ever reached more than 1,000 Spotify monthly listeners in 2023!

Global genres are on the rise

Chartmetric analyzed emerging artists from across the globe to understand what genres are on the rise. We found that Latin, K-pop, Indian, and African genres are gaining momentum and spreading far and wide, with large numbers of new Latin artists, in particular, coming onto the scene. 

Meanwhile, despite the large number of new and notable hip-hop/rap and pop artists, emerging artists are less likely to release tracks in those genres as they continue to decline in prominence.

More than 77% of artists in the music industry are male

Over four times as many solo artists use he/him pronouns than she/her pronouns.

Radio is not dead! 

Half of the top 10 radio songs of 2023 are also included in the Spotify top 10 for the year, emphasizing radio's profound impact on a track’s success in the streaming realm.

The internet’s effect on the music industry is undeniable. 

There were countless social media trends this year, especially on TikTok, but we picked some of our favorite throwbacks that got brought back to life, niche genres catapulted to virality, and dance crazes we loved to boogie to. We cover everything here from “Linger” by the Cranberries to Eurodance to “Water” by Tyla.