Exploring Taylor Swift's Opening Acts Through the Years

A visual exploration of every act that has opened for Taylor Swift's tours–and how sharing the stage with her may have boosted their popularity.

Exploring Taylor Swift's Opening Acts Through the Years
Alejandra Arevalo
Alejandra Arevalo
May 25, 20231 min read
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Taylor Swift is in the middle of her long-awaited The Eras tour, a 20-city voyage across the U.S. that has already mobilized thousands of fans to packed stadiums and spurred astonishing spending on resale tickets, merch, and anything Tay Tay related.

This is her sixth tour and the first one since 2018 after the Lover Fest tour was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Different from her previous tours that focused on one album, Eras will feature tracks from her 10 studio albums, many of which will be performed live for the first time.

While Swift is by all means the center of attention in her tours, we can't forget about the opening acts that have been by her side throughout, making each concert an even more special experience. This year's lineup is full of A-listers including indie folk It-girl Phoebe Bridgers and cult classic band Paramore.

In honor of the Eras tour being underway, we are taking a look back at Swift's tour openers through the years, noting some interesting statistics you probably didn't know.

Who gets to open for Taylor Swift?

Is opening for Eras boosting artists' popularity?

Now that we've gone through Swift's openers throughout the years, let's take a closer look at the stats of those that are opening for Eras.

With the Eras tour still underway, we know all too well that Swift and her openers' performances will continue to fulfill our wildest dreams. ...Ready for it?