A Fresh Company Teaser Video for the Summer

If you're new to Chartmetric, this teaser video hints at how data has changed music, and how we can help you evolve with that.

A Fresh Company Teaser Video for the Summer
Jason Joven
Jason Joven
June 15, 20222 min read
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Every now and then, we all need to check ourselves in the mirror, change the car's tires, stock up the refrigerator. Recently, we thought we'd do the same for Chartmetric's company teaser video.

Chartmetric's 2022 Company Teaser Video

Teaser videos, especially for tech platforms like ours, play a huge role as our digital "elevator pitch", and many times, are a future customer's first introduction to the music and data analytics work we do for the music industry and entertainment executives at large.

Chartmetric's first video teaser was made in 2019, when the company was successful yet still growing throughout the industry. Now being Platinum Sponsors at Music Biz 2022 and working with great universities like Howard to grow young executives in the ways of music analytics, we're happy to present our new "face" to customers old and new.

Recently, we worked with Anastasiya B, a freelance designer + animator based in Austin, Texas, to refresh Chartmetric's video: "Together, we went from script to a motion graphics representation of the brand, honoring its existing visual language, and figured out interesting ways to highlight what makes Chartmetric exciting and integral to its users."

For those of us who have been in the industry for some time, there's a before and after effect in the video's script that we, as a company, are addressing:

Everything is changing ... and we are dealing with more data than ever in music history.

It wasn't long ago in 1991 when Nielsen's SoundScan was the only game in town for the US music industry. The beginning of music analytics was humble, and only consisted of Billboard charts and record sales phoned in from record stores around the country. Today, we have tracks from bedroom artists going viral on TikTok globally, other artists live-streaming on Twitch, targeted Instagram story campaigns in key countries funneling an artist's new single to their label's owned and operated playlists on Spotify and Apple Music ... and it's more data than any one person can handle.

Chartmetric is here to simplify the digital music landscape. We bring you the latest data from dozens of platforms and connect it, so you can focus on spotting trends and gathering insights.

Through our popular Artist Pages, extensive playlist histories on several streaming platforms going back several years, data science-driven features like Neighboring Artists (like Spotify's Fans Also Like), YouTube comment sentiment analysis, and our time-saving Chartmetric Artist Score, it's a platform that not only saves you time, but also gives you creative business ideas to find and engage your fans with.

If you're new to Chartmetric, this teaser video is meant to get you excited to learn more. So if you're meeting us for the first time, hello! Feel free to sign up and check us out for yourself, and chat with us on any of our socials, @chartmetric. We're excited to meet you.